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Data Analytics / Data Science is willing to help people grow their business by analyzing and transform their "sleeping" data into useful and valuable... Data Analytics / Data Science is willing to help people grow their business by analyzing and transform their "sleeping" data into useful and valuable assets for their business. I have expert experience with Ms. Excel, Google sheet, Tableau, Google Data Studio. and really "all things data". I am fascinated by new technologies and try to stay up-to-date on everything related to the digital data environment. I have a strong background in statistics and I like to combine my expertise in data management with a business purpose. I have a passion to stumble interesting insights from data. I work closely with clients to make their work flawless And because I have diverse skills, I can tackle any project you have. I like to challenge my boundaries, looking for interesting projects and complex tasks.

I will create custom dashboards with googles data studio, Power Bi, Tableau, Excel. I can make data studio reports to show data of different businesses. I can also Generate a Data Science, Data Analysis Report of your DataSet.

I can make interesting Visualizations in the data studio, Power Bi, Tableau, Excel report. So that users can easily understand the stats of their campaigns or business.
I can make charts like Pie charts, time series charts, Heatmaps, tables, and many more in the Google data studio, Power Bi, Tableau, Excel reports.

Want To Know About Me:-

I have completed my computer science degree, complete a Diploma In Information Technology (DIT), and have a certificate from Google in Google Data Analytics, Harvard University, IBM, and a few other platforms.

I'm flexible with my working hours and will be happy to discuss your project at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for visiting my profile.
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