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About Nasi
We are a music promotion group and can help you boost your profile with a iTunes charting history.

We have a Bulk Email System with a database with subscribed fans who want to support creators. Let us send your song and biography to our subscribers to increase purchases and we will make sure that your song charts.

We can push your song to the Top 100 All Categories, Top 10 Genre Based Category and Top 5 Genre Based Category.

We've had many artists at number 1 genre category and all most all of our promotions have made it to the iTunes Top 50 All Categories.

Charting will help boost your profile and ads value for booking agents, labels, fans, playlist curators etc. Charting also gives you exposure to industry key decision makers, Apple Music Playlist curators, Major Label Artists, Influencers, Major Media Houses and to new fans.
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Guaranteed Charting On ITunes Top 100 Of Your Musi...

We are a music promotion group and can help you boost your p...

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