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B2B TECH SOLUTIONS LTD by Bernd Thomsen.
I love to help YOU to optimize your Business.
My passion is listening to the clients needs and to provide Solutions, which deliver Results. I listen, analyze, think and create.
I quickly respond with a Value Proposition, which is tailored to your specific Problem.

Bernd Thomsen the B2B TECH Managing Director is an ex IBM Brand Sales Specialist, Certified in Hardware & Software Solutions and has built many Companies in the US & Europe. He therefore knows what it takes to make a Business Successful and what to implement to help in the Digital Transformation of any Company.

I am 100% E-Commerce and Digital Solution Provider. From WordPress to your own Corporate Website to even a whole Social Media Platform. I implement Services Cloud based or dedicated on your own Server. In E-Commerce I specialize in many Shopping Cart Solutions, depending on your Needs. I built your Social Media Network with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more. There are many Tools which automate your Daily Work in E-Commerce and I can provide a lot of those Software/App Solutions as well. ( some FREE & some are with a low 0ne time Fee )
My Service also creates Corporate & Product Videos as well as the SEO in Google and other Search Engines.

I provide the Service dor all Types of Customers and their Needs.
(I like small Business just as much as large Enterprise) So, just get started - contact me or just book a Service here. or buy one of many Solutions also listed in my Account. I I I love to help You !
With kind Regards - Bernd Thomsen
Managing Director B2B TECH SOLUTIONS LTD
English - fluent
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