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Hey, I'm Dom! I'm new to Legiit, but I'm certainly not new when it comes to copywriting and SEO. I've been writing copy for well over five years, I've featured in well-known sports media websites and I currently work for two furniture companies 9-5 as an SEO Executive. What I'm trying to say is, I know my shit. I'll get work done at a fast rate, with 500+ words of blog content, fully optimised within two hours. I charge a premium rate because you'll receive premium content from me.

As I stated above I work 9-5, but that doesn't mean a project is ever too big for me. My role as an SEO executive has come about after working as a copywriter and the same company for two years, this allows me to optimise your content quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

You can check out snippets of my content below!
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