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 100, 200, and 300 White-hat (FOUNDATION) Backlinks 
Ideal for Link-Diversity, Establishing your new site's white-hat FOUNDATION Links & Trust with Google!,
and ideal for Diluting your current/old site's link profile by using Naked, Generic, or Branded anchors so you can go aggressive later on with PRs, PBNs, or Guest posts.

You'll receive a well-categorized, detailed excel sheet with the live links on delivery.

We accept all niches except for Adult/Porn/Gambling/Casino/Drinking/Nightlife




What are Foundation links?
Whitehat/Foundation links are actually FREE links that anyone can create by themselves on publicly open and available platforms (but it takes so much time). These platforms are mostly open to the public and for you to submit your posts, create your profiles and link back to your website freely and publicly.

It is necessary to have such links in place to help boost your domain authority from aged and trusted platforms with decent authority, and important to diversify your link profile with different types of anchor text for link profile diversity & dilution in case of over-optimized link profiles. It is advised to start with whitehat/foundation links first before getting to more aggressive tactics like PBNs/Guest posts.

In this gig, we offer highly-diversified links from up to 100 different platforms at only 20$ from categories like (Web2.0 blogs, Article submission sites, Image/Doc/Video sharing sites, Social posting & sharing sites, basic-level press-releases, directory submission sites, classified ads platforms, Social bookmarking sites ... etc). You get 100 unique links and posts from the aforementioned platforms.

Do you allow only Naked/Branded anchors for these links?
We always recommend using Naked/Branded anchors for Foundation links and saving any Keyword anchors for PBNs/Guest posts. But we can't force our practice upon buyers with different school of thought or who are implementing different practices. We allow whatever keywords you want to use.

Are these links do-follow or no-follow?
They are a natural mix of both.

How long does it take for the links to get indexed?
You can't specify or guarantee a timeframe where the links will get indexed -especially- that these platforms are publicly open and get tons of posts every single day from masses of people creating whitehat links for themselves for Free which definitely can reduce the time of single indexing of each public post made if you think about it. But these links are a necessity to build anyways. We also offer the option of sending the links to a premium-indexer in the extras as this could help quicken the process and that's the best you can do.

Do all of the links stay live for good?
As you know -and as mentioned above, Whitehat/foundation links are Free links that you and anyone can create on publicly open and available platforms but this still means that none of us control or own these publicly open platforms that anyone can simply post on if they have the time. Therefore, a % of the links can get removed. But link building is an ongoing necessity to get and maintain rankings, and it's never harmful to keep adding more and more whitehat/foundation links on a regular basis to a new or an existing site -especially if using naked/branded anchors which is healthy to your overall link profile.


Do you create 100 different accounts for 100 unique links for each order?
No! and considering the price of the gig, we build the links on accounts of our own because if we were to create 100+ accounts for each order that would require endless different phone numbers, email addresses, and sometimes endless verification considering the budget-friendly price we offer -which is not necessary for whitehat posts or links but only needed for the Profile Links gig of ours where we ask for your phone number as part of the requirements because profiles are very personal and specific to you and your business.



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✔ TF15-25+ Standard PBNs
✔ TF20+ PBNs
✔ TF30+ / TF35+ Power PBNs
✔ Niche Relevant PBNs (TF10-20)
✔ High-TF Niche Relevant PBNs Combo Links (Up to TF50+)
✔ Whitehat Foundation Links from up to 100 Diverse Platforms
✔ High-TF Expired Domains for Sale! (TF20+, TF25+, TF30+)
✔ Legit! Social Signals (+URL splitting allowed per order)
✔ All types of Premium Quality Graphic & Web-Design!