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About This Service

►Extremely Powerful Organic Keyword Targeted Visitors from Real Google Searches
★Geo-Targeted Traffic with a Low Bounce Rate and Long Session Duration
★Real and human visitors to boost your rankings
★0% proxy and VPN visitors (We've got strong filters)

Your Benefits:
►Unique Searches with your chosen keyword(s)
►Powerful organic, geo-targeted search engine Visitors - not generated by bots, software, spam or proxies
►Potentially boost your GOOGLE, ALEXA, SERPs as well as website rankings
►You will receive 5000 daily visitors for 30 days, fully trackable in most counters and Analytics
► Country Targeted Visitors for best results, you may choose the visitors countries yourself (choose the languages as well with our service extra)

  • We can provide traffic from almost any country/language worldwide
  • You may choose from  ★ Single countries ★ Europe ★ Europe and America

►Low Bounce Rate (0-30%), Long visit time and Long Session Duration (1-2 minutes)
►Pre-filtered visitors: Real and human only, minimum connection speed, minimum screen resolution, no proxy/VPN

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