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Hello, my name is Arthur, I render services on SEO optimization, promotion and advertising of websites at affordable prices. My clients are small and medium business websites. I offer comprehensive SEO promotion. Work on the stages: 1) SEO analysis of the site: technical, text, usability 2) Compiling or updating of semantics core of the site 3) Internal SEO site optimization. Robot.txt, sitemap, title, discription, code cleaning, re-aligning, usability, setting 301 redirect, 404 error, server setup, etc 4) External SEO site optimization - dislocation on business boards, forums, backlinking, traffic 5) Manual dislocation of articles and backlinks on websites with high rank Cost of complex SEO promotion of the site - from $ 75 per hour Creating Effective Contextual Advertising in Google AdWords: - Analysis of competitors - Collection of target traffic requests - The most advanced customization chips - One request - one ad - UTM tags, setting statistics, setting goals - Automated betting management - 100% efficiency - Separate coverage by region - High-precision targeting, right up to the metro station - guarantees of targeted traffic - Installation of "online consultant", "helper", and similar - Support and optimization of the advertising campaign. Different traffic options by request: 1. Traffic for your keywords (up to 10 keywords) 2. Transitions from Google, Yahoo 3. From 10 to 10000 (possibly more if required) of unique visitors to the site every day for 10 days with emulation of behavior on the site 4. Transitions up to 4 pages inside the site and up to 300 seconds 5. Transitions from the desired region or country Transitions occur with a PC or Smartphone (if you want the customer can be sharpened in more detail) 6. Transitions on advertising banners on the site As a result, you will get: Improved attendance statistic that will help get your site to the top of Google, Yahoo
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July 8th, 2018
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