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About This Service

Shhh!  Don’t let your competition see this…

Have you heard of Mobile VooDoo?

Probably not… But it’s happening in your city - I promise!

It’s a ground-breaking technology that lets businesses steal customers directly from their competition.

It’s so effective that it’s kind of scary!

Imagine what would happen if suddenly your competition was able to have their ads all over your customer’s smart phones while they were in your business

Then to make matters worse… what if they were able to have their ads show up on all of your customer’s computers at home and at work…

Like I said, it’s scary… but there is good news!

We have an opening for a few more businesses in your area & industry. But you have to act fast because this is going out constantly around the clock to other businesses like yours this week and the first one to commit will have an exclusive on the technology in your area.

Here is some more good news, because there is no expensive equipment needed to capture the customers at these locations, it’s very affordable for any local business or digital marketing agency that wants to generate leads for their clients!

I know you use PPC advertising in your business because I’ve seen your ads on Google, and I think this may be a PERFECT addition to enhance your current marketing efforts and reduce your cost in the process.

I'd love to tell you more about it. Send me a message so I can share more information on this exciting new technology with you, just give me a few mins and I will show you how you can get more customers through your front doors month after month after month for yourself or your clients.