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About This Service

Whitehat links with a greyhat twist.

What You Get

✔ Guest post on a site with real traffic
✔ Link with anchor of your choice in a relevant article
✔ Article included free
✔ Highly powerful PBN links pointing to the article to power it up
Report with guest post URL provided


Do I get a report? Yes! You get the URL to the guest post, which you can also show clients!

Are these safe? They are safer than pointing PBNs straight at money sites, but keep in mind no link-building is technically "safe"

What if I order more than 1? I keep track of every site that I link to, so you will not have to worry about getting links from the same domain twice

What kind of PBNs point to the articles? The PBNs pointing to the articles are all auction domains (no web 2s), with the metrics specified in the package details. Articles on PBNs are handwritten and native English. All PBNs have over 15 referring domains. Premium package has domains with 30 - 300 referring domains.

Do you accept foreign language sites? Not at this time, sorry!

What Niches are Available?

*We do not accept porn or gambling posts at this time. Sex and drugs are ok in the context of the health niche (i.e medical marijuana, diet pills etc). Most likely will not be able to get links to sites that sell Viagara and things of that nature.






Home Repairs/Improvement

Mom blogs

Multi-niche blogs

Example Site Metrics & Traffic Data


If I cannot find a guest post opportunity that is a good fit for your website, I will place your link in a relevant article on a general niche guest post site. Please do not order unless you are okay with that.


You are paying for a link placement. NOT increased rankings, traffic or sales.