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Portfolio: Welcome to my Profile. This is an honor that you are viewing my profile. As a freelancer, I have more than 4+ year Experience. I am good at Lead Generator & Lead Source( LinkedIn, CrunchBase, ZoomInfo) Expert, List Building/ Linkedin Prospecting, Data Mining, Web Scraper, Internet Researcher and all other social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more. I can give you 99% mail and contact info so as with Person details like name, Job Title, Address, Email, Location, Work Experience, etc. Which tools and sites I use for work are given below. That can help you to know the way of my working access to ? Access to Premium Sales Navigator & Recruiter Lite With Linkedin X-ray Access. ? Access to CrunchBase PRO Access. ? & Mail Tester, Personal Mail ( Premium Access), ? Paid WebScrape Tools. With Similar ? Lead Source Manta, Yelp,, XING, Yellow And another Directory Site. Similar ? Email Finding Name 2 Mail, Lusha, Nymeria, Hola Connect, Rock Reach. Similar ? Email Validity Check Rapprotive, Mail tester, NeverBounce, Zero bounce & Delivery Mail Check. ?My work and skill details have given to the portfolio. ?Do you want to see the sample work that I have made now? ? I would like to show my working skill ( Trail/Sample Report) before I start a conversation about work. ?Expert On Podio, Google Docs, XL, ? I always worked with the Google Spreadsheet. ? Workload and availability: Full-time ? Long Project Handling: Team Work (BloodFreelancer.Com)
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December 15th, 2018 Test sentence
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