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About This Service

Everyone knows the Skyscraper Technique. If not, check out this article >

My niche includes the following:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Fitness

3. Personal Development

All Skyscraper worthy articles will take 10-20 effective hours to get the content out.

My process of writing the article:

Step 1: Input your keyword into Google.

Step 2: Read all the articles on Page One.

Step 3: Create content that is better than ALL of the existing articles on Page One of Google (Guaranteed).

What You Will Be Getting  

✔ Original long-form content

✔ Elite writing 

✔ Well-researched articles with links to the reputable research source

✔ SEO friendly article with optimized On-Page SEO

✔ Premium image as your article's featured image

✔ Custom banners

✔ On time delivery

✔ Optional - Internal links to money site

Please message me before ordering.