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About This Service


Get'cha Some Powerful Dripped Social Bookmarks and Status Updates


What Is This Service All About?


Social Bookmarks and Status Updates are a mahor part of the core fundation for your sites SEO.

For all you ham sandwich lovers, just think of it as this…. You must have the bread as a base before you can put the Mayonnaise on (Or Miracle Whip for all you wierdo’s) and the ham and cheese…. The point is, you must have the base (Social Bookmarks and Status Updates), before ever having any back links (The Mayonnaise, ham and cheese).

Now let’s get to the most important part of Social Bookmarks and Status Updates. So just like SEO overall, one of the greatest aspects you can do is drip feed whatever you are doing to help it look natural in Google. Just like it would “spammy” to send 10,000 links all in one day to your site, it would somewhat be the same way with Social Bookmarks and Status Updates.

So, I know I said “somewhat” in that last sentence and I’ll explain why. With any kind of larger blasting of links, it would look unnatural in the eyes of the search engines. This same concept is the same for major amounts of Social Bookmarks and Status Updates……


What Is Everything You Will Get From the Base Level of This Service?

  >>  A great mix of Social Bookmarks and Status Updates such as on Diigo, Twitter,, Stumbleupon, Pocket, InstaPaper and many more​​

  >>  (The numbers of how many Social Bookmarks and Status Updates may variy but the minium number will be whatever package you end up ordering)

  >>  Drip feed Over 2 Weeks+

  >>  ALL from naturally used accounts with NO crap on them

  >>  Half a report


>>> MAKE SURE TO ORDER ASAP!! $22 Is An Entry Price For The First 22 Orders!! <<<


---  F.A.Q.  ---


>>  How do I keep my site looking as natural as possible?

At DripFeed Nation we like to be transparent with the best SEO techniques, so your site and hard work do not get penalized! Even though it may sound great to buy 100,000 Social Bookmarks and/or Signals for $5 (A little bit of an over exaggerated number but there are services like this) from some seller sounds like a hell of a deal!

We want you to ask yourself a couple of questions to yourself before buying something like that. Ask yourself:


  --- Q 1 - Will there be a link report?

== A 1 - There will be half of a report given. Since we use these ourselves and for many of our customers, we do not want prying eyes.


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……. If you are still wondering if we are the right way to go for getting your Social Bookmarks and Status Updates then here is our last question for you: Is it worth the risk of not getting these drip feed, therefore having your site get penalized after all the money, time and effort that has gone into it?


PLEASE NOTE: These Bookmarks and Updates will be drip feed... It may end that only a portion of the Bookmarks and Updates have been made, I PROMISE YOU, they are being made still so do not worry!



>>> REFUNDS <<<

Please note that there are no refunds provided after 24 hours for any reason after the order has been placed (Orders that fail to supply the requirments within 24 hours will be canceled and will have to be reordered). Please be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This is completely firm, so please do not ask for a refund.



Also, feel free to message us if you have any other questions


---- Only 1 URL per order please ----



>> P.s. We accept orders in most niches! Rather it’s a personal website, company website, blogs... you name it! --- (WE DO NOT ACCEPT orders with adult, drug, gambling, illegal/copied content, alcohol and tobacco related content)



==>>>>>  Our affiliates get a 30% commision!  <<<<<==