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The Simple Guide to Learning How to Get FREE and POWERFUL Links


The Three Quick Acknowledgments:

-- 1) Sadly, Legiit won't accept $0 (or fully free) services, therefore I had to make a dollar... With that being said, it you want your dollar back while keeping the book, then I completely understand. One of the requirements questions will ask you for your PayPal email in which I will send it back via Friends and Family :)

-- 2) The delivered order will be a link to an opt-in page. After you fill out your info for the opt-in you will be sent the eBook via email after checking out the "Thank you" page. On the "thank you" page you can click the links to apply to join our Facebook Mastermind, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel of Awesomeness and/or order Dripfeed Nation's SEO Foundation Service of awesomeness..... P.s. You can order an extra after you add this to you cart that skips the opt-in, tracking and retargeting (The eBook will be sent to you directly rather than you having to click a link to get it).

-- 3) This eBook is not in depth when coming to building each Web 2.0 profile. It does however, go over the building of one of the best Web 2.0's out there (Tumblr) and you will be able to use that as a base to build the other ones! ..... Also, note that towards the end of this eBook there will be a link to our Dropbox for a FREE list of 40 great Web 2.0's.


Brief overview of this eBook's sections:

  • Part #1 - Why Is A SEO Foundation So Important?
  • Part #2 - What Are the Base Foundational Links That Every Site Needs?
  • Step #3 - Do-follow Vs. No-follow Links
  • Part #4 - How to Make Your Profiles Look Legitimate
  • Part #5 - A Few Ways to Get the Most SEO Value Out of Your Web 2.0's & Social Media (Rather than just a profile link)
  • Part #6 - The Power Came, but Where and How Do I Use It?


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