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About This Service

King Kong Keyword Research 

Get Ranked To PAGE 1 of GOOGLE And Save $ With Professional Keyword Research !!!

This 10 Keyword Reseach is a game changer that wont only make you $$$ but also save you $$$ by lowering the compertition, finding the exact keywords to get you Ranked and Banked !!! 


  • Discover the most effective keyword
  • Receive the 10 top keywords to start you htting page 1 of Google 


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Wait there's even more, You also get a reprot with insight into how the competitors are ranking for these keywords, Making it it even easier for you to Rank 

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How does the keyword search program work 

Give me the niche you want the keywords in and i’ll work my magic to find the best keywords to start ranking so you don’t have to spend huge amount of  $$$$  on competiting 

can be in any language you choose. We’ll take these keywords and effectively give you access to thousands of dollars’ worth of keyword search tools by running them through software we regularly utilise to give our customers a head start with their SEO. Once we’ve finished you’ll have 1 ‘target keyword’ and 5 more keywords that will together bring your website more web traffic.

Step 1:  All  I need is the niche 

Step 2: Sit back while we do the research on your behalf

Step 3: We give you your ‘target keyword’


Heres's what others think 


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What does the keyword search program report include?

Statistics, statistics, statistics

SEO is a stats game! We’ll give you the best keywords according your budget. The report includes how competitive these keywords are and how many people search for these phrases on a monthly basis. From this report alone, you should be able to start predicting how much traffic your website will attract when your SEO investment starts to rank your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. 

• Keywords according to your budget
• The competition ratings for these keywords
• How many monthly searches these keywords attract
• A means to start predicting the future of your website


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...and remember, if you're not absolutely over-the-moon with the keywords, I'll keep working with you until you are. Your happiness and success is my mission-

place your order now and let's do this!


p.s. Remember, you're backed by my personal guarantee, that I will find the best keywords in your niche to help you dominate the SERPS

p.p.s. My keyword research methods are completely unique. I use a special combination of tools and manual research, that no one else is using right now.

p.p.p.s. Every keyword research order, gives you a discount on your link building order, so you get your site ranking FAST!