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About GetxPosr
I’m Scott Latham. An online marketing consultant based in Staffordshire, UK.
Get xPosr is just a trading name I use.

I’ve been a Web Designer for years. Starting my first real website when I was just 15 years old!

Like most young entrepreneurs, that website failed! Ok so it did the job at the time but it wouldn’t stand up these days. However, I did learn a lot about the website building world.

As the years continued my learning journey kept going, becoming a designer within an agency. Eventually, I fell in love with all aspects of digital marketing, learning everything I could possibly learn.

In addition, I worked as an in-house digital marketing manager with some of the biggest businesses in their industry.

However, there comes a time when all good online marketers have two options. Start an agency or become a freelancer. I opted for the later.

Meaning, I was able to offer a more personalised approach. I personally handle all aspects of my client’s requirements.

Get xPosr helps businesses and entrepreneurs, like you, to keep ahead in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Being a freelance consultant means reputation is key. Therefore, by forming excellent relationships with my clients, I ensure their needs are met.
Most importantly, I am passionate, devoted and 100% grateful for the opportunities to work with some amazing clients at the highest level of their industry.
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