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About This Service

I build a dofollow backlink to Google Storage, which carries a domain rating of 91. This is one of the most powerful backlinks available on the internet.

Service Description:

Using a contextual keyword phrase of your choosing, I will create a vertical relevant spun article, placing the contextual link within the spun content to the URL of your choosing. I highly recommend that you apply the first link to your homepage, then create links to your other core pages with keyword phrase relevant articles for the focus keyword of the page. You can also create links to post categories and posts. You should only use a single backlink from Google storage to each URL, as multiple backlinks to a single URL will not provide added value or authority.

GSA Blast:

By creating a GSA blast of backlinks to the Google Storage URL, your Google Storage backlink will be indexed more quickly, providing more immediate ranking benefit. The GSA blast offered uses my accrued backlink list of proven link sources, rather than scraping the internet for link sources. In 7 years, I've built up just under 3.7 million backlink sources to build backlinks to. Building the backlink without a GSA backlink blast will also get indexed, but not as quickly as if you add a GSA blast.


While the links are indexed using Index Inject for every Google Storage link created, the GSA blasts can also be indexed with Linklicious indexing (if purchased), as an additional measure to establish indexing with Google. All link campaigns are set to a 30 day drip, providing a constant signal to Google to index your Google Storage link.

What's Needed From You:

I only need 2 things for this service.

1. The URL you want your Google Storage link pointed to.

2. The keyword phrase you would like to use for contextual linking to your designated URL.


Extra requirements (if applicable):

I need the video URL you want embedded if you order that extra, and either the Google Map URL or Google Map Embed Code for that extra, if you so choose to want them.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is this a black hat SEO method?

A: Yes. Every action to manipulate organic search rankings is considered to be black hat SEO.


Q: Will my website receive a manual penalty for this link?

A: Not likely. I've never seen a penalty happen over a single backlink, from a single source, in 7 years of doing SEO.


Q: I have a large website with lots of URL's. Should I build a link to every page?

A: No. I generally recommend building a Google Storage link to the main page, the core pages (product/service relevant pages), and category pages. If you have cornerstone post pages, I would recommend building Google Storage links to those as well.


Q: How soon will the link show up in my Google Search Console?

A: If you create a GSA blast to the Google Storage link, it should happen within 2 weeks, however I am not Google. Google indexes at their pace, regardless of how much effort I apply to manipulate their processes. I've seen links indexed the same day, and some have taken a month.


Q: What happens if I get a manual penalty?

A: If you receive a manual penalty from this one link, I will remove all of the GSA links within your campaign. All GSA campaigns are saved for 60 days, and can be removed quickly. I've never had this happen, but I am a believer in owning my work.


Money Back Guarantee

Every great service comes with a money back guarantee, correct? Mine is no different. If you are unhappy with the service I provide, I will give you a 100% money back guaranteee, valid for 30 days after the service is completed. I take great pride in having satisfied clients.