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Buy Facebook Post Shares

There are two ways you can get interaction on a Facebook post – likes and shares. The number of each that you have on any individual post will determine how many of your fans see that particular update, and having a lot of shares and likes on all of your updates will ensure a healthy organic reach on your posts in the future.

Shares + Likes For Reach
When you post something new on Facebook, it’s not shown to all of the people who like your page. If every post from every page a person liked popped up on his newsfeed, then he’d be bombarded with hundreds upon hundreds of messages each day.

Instead, Facebook shows the post to a select few people, and then determines how popular your post is. When your post is popular, it gets shown to more people. Unpopular posts stop cold.

Remember, likes and shares are the only two real metrics to determine this popularity. If you buy Facebook post shares and Facebook post likes, then your posts will reach more of the people who like your page – it’s just that simple.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased followers
  • Increased traffic to your website / blog
  • Increased leads and sales