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About This Service


Links are pretty much the #1 ranking factor (in competitive niches), but they're getting harder and harder to get...


Before I tell you why my service is awesome, let's look at some of the problems marketers face today...


1. PBNs - Take time to build and good domains can be VERY costly.
2. Link Outreach - VERY time consuming.
3. On-Page SEO - No matter what Google tell you, this alone will not rank you (for anything competitive).
4. Link Juice - Getting harder to come by.


Here's the process we follow...


1. We get your order

Once we get your order, our team goes out and manually finds relevant blogs and sites in your industry.

The information we require is your URL/s and anchor text.

2. We pitch

We pitch the bloggers and site owners multiple content ideas.

3. We do due diligence

We take a look at the replies we receive and decide which ones will be best for you. We look at the traffic the site gets, the links it has and other metrics such as Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating), Moz DA, etc.

4. We create the content

Once a topic is agreed on, our writers start to create an engaging piece of content, up to 1,000 words.

5. We send it off

Once the content is checked thoroughly (spelling, grammar, etc), it is then sent off for placement once approved by the blogger.

6. Your guest post goes live

This is the awesome bit - your guest post goes live on a website related to your industry that has traffic and great metrics, with your desired anchor text.

7. You get a report

Unlike a lot of link building services, we'll actually send you the link to the post when it goes live.



Check out these results...

* If we're unable to find a specific niche (VERY unlikely, unless you're into some really weird stuff) your links will be on general sites.