About This Service

Backlinks are very important if you want your website to rank higher in the GoogleSERPS today. Simply because it's the only way that Google can rank your website in the SERPs. But not just any old backlinks! You need the best, highest quality backlinksthat you can get since it's all about the QUALITY of your backlinks and not the quantity!

In this service, I will build you 50 high authority do follow backlinks to your website for just $5. You will get a minimum of 10 dofollow backlinks from HIGH AUTHORITY SITES. You will get a mix of different types of backlinks, some with anchor text, some not anchored, some wrapped in bio text and some raw URLs too.

This is a much more natural pattern and search engine friendly way of building backlinks to your website without it looking spammy since you definitely don't want all of the same types of backlinks all the time! And after we have built your backlinks, we'll send them to our paid indexing service for free!

Features of this Service:

- 50 Dofollow Backinks from Mixed domains
- 100% Google Friendly Backlinks only
- High Authority Domains only
- Unique IP's used for every order
- Free full report of all your links
- All niches/sites accepted
- Quality customer service and support
- Lifetime after-sales support
- Bonus links given each time

50 High Authority Dofollow Backlinks for $5

Just remember that it's about "QUALITY" and not "QUANTITY" when it comes to your backlinks. 50 of these backlinks are worth more than 1000+ low value backlinks and will do more good for your SEO endeavors than any other mass backlinks ever will.

Required: 1 URL and up to 5 keywords.

Service is: Active.

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