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About This Service

Get An Exclusive HIGHLY Authoritative 100% White Hat Natural Backlink
from Amazon Web Services (AWS) pointing directly to your website with our AWS-S3 Service.

Authority links can bring Tremendous Ranking Power to a website if one is lucky enough to obtain one or more.
Getting an Amazon S3 link pointing directly to your website is like STEROIDS in the link juice, but Google sees it as a Natural backlink!

Done 4U AWS-S3 1-Page Website Local Business Review or Content you want to provide. Power Link
100% White Hat Gets You an Authoritative Backlink


This Gig will contain a snippet of a Google or Yelp Review of your Business (or we can make one up) and linked to your website.

High Authoritative links are the Golden Nuggets of link building. They tend to be extremely difficult links to obtain, and for that reason most webmasters by-pass them. The best approach to authority links is to be always vigilant for opportunities to snatch them, but Today is your lucky day to finally get one!

Amazon's AWS S3 will give you a Powerful TF-80 Do Follow Permanent link to your main site.
Don't waste your time and money trying to figure how I did this grab it now!

What you will get in this Gig?
We will create a Professional Business Review PDF or HTML 1-Page Website backlinking to your local business or client's business. Containing
a snippet of a real Google/Yelp review of your company or fake one (optional), contextual, naked URL, and image backlinks to your money site.

See samples below:

What I need from you are (8) items below:

1) - Money site URL:

2) - Image URL or I will find one:

3) - What Industry is this content for? (i.e. plumbing, electrician):

4) - City Name this content is for - Place of business:

5) - Name of State/Province/Territory is this Content For?

6) - Provide 3-5 Longtail Keywords/phrases. Separate by lines (1st keyword line will be the Main KW/phrase):

7) - Business Review link for snippet or I will make it up (optional):

8) - YouTube Video URL or embed code

9) - What do you want for your Call to Action read?
     Write a short 1-5 sentence Call to Action or I will write one for you.
     (Ex. Do you need a quote for a new roof? Call us at 800-247-3635 or visit us at


This gig works Best with Local Businesses with real Google or Yelp reviews.

**SEO Agency Tip**
Use this gig as a Lead-in to potential or future clients.
Present this Business Review of their company to boost their online presence and ranking.

** Google Friendly & Google Safe
No need to Worry about any Google update you will be Safe!


(NOT Accepted: Shortened links, Re-directs, Adult, Casino & Gambling sites)