About This Service

Sometimes, you need authoritative, well-researched, expertly crafted writing that converts.

Other times, you just need content. A whole butt load of content. Nothing that will knock your socks off, but decent enough to add some value, boost your topical relevance, and rank in Google.

That's what this service is all about. This Content MEGAbomb drops 20,000 words of unique, hand-written, and SEO-optimized articles directly on your WordPress blog. We handle everything from keyword research to topic brainstorming to drafting to publishing.

Every post meets the following standards:

  • Minimum 1,000 words
  • Hand-written and Copyscape passed (no article spinning here!)
  • 1 - 2% keyword density
  • One Creative commons image or royalty free stock image* included (with SEO-optimized alt text and title)
  • SEO-optimized meta description and title (if Yoast plugin is installed)
  • Keyword in the url slug


A Truly Set-and-Forget Content Solution

All you have to do is give me your niche and add me as an author on your blog, and I'll take it from there. In a month's time, you'll have 20,000 words of highly relevant blog content published to your website. You don't need to provide keywords. You don't need to source images. You don't need to optimize the keyword density. You don't need to draft the meta description. You really don't need to do anything, because we do it all.

All that for just 2 cents per word.

Who Is This Service For?

The Content MEGAbomb is best suited for affiliate and lead gen sites. I wouldn't recommend it for your client websites or "real" businesses. The content is pretty darn decent, but it's mostly written for SEO purposes. It's not gonna be highly engaging and it's not heavily researched. It is meant to provide an affordable way for you do boost the topical relevance of your websites, so it also won't be meticulously edited. While the grammar will generally be good, there could be some typos or minor errors that slip through the cracks.

Before you order, be sure to check out some of these samples:

Sample 1: https://realkidsread.club/online-reading-programs/

Sample 2: https://realkidsread.club/how-to-teach-a-2-year-old-to-read/


How Does It Work?

Pretty simple. After you order, give me the niche or general topic. You'll also add me as a user to your WordPress site with the Author role. In about a week, I'll get back to you with the keywords the content will be targeting. They will generally be informational in nature. From there, we'll start writing and publishing the content over the next three weeks or so. If you have any special instructions, such as a posting schedule, we can work that out at the time of ordering.

So hit that order button and let's get to work!


*I have access to paid stock images for commercial use. The license allows me to publish them on your sites as part of my content service. These images should only be used on the posts that I publish for you and should not be downloaded or used elsewhere.