About This Service

I can play bass for any genre such as Rock, Blues, Pop, Reggae, R&B/Soul, Funk and Hip hop with a clean sharp tone that will properly serve the low end of any song in assisting you to getting that next hit you've been searching high and low for. My bass playing style is usually simple and in the pocket with fills and licks as needed without taking away from the Vocals and other instruments but can play more complex lines based on the needs of the song. I can also read Chord Charts and Play by Ear which comes in handy for many musical situations. The equipiment that I use is a Percision Bass, Yamaha TRBX174 and for recording I use a Smartrig or Irig Recorder for Projects and I use Garageband to Record and Edit Bass Parts along with a Zoom B1on Bass Pedal for sound enhancement and effects.