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About This Service

Get 5 Ultimate PBN Backlinks TF 15-30+ - Limited Time Price!

Move your site up Google’s rankings with backlinks from our personal PBNs (average TF 20). Backlinks from power house PBN’s are the ultimate way to rank a website, youtube video, or custom map embedds. Combined with social signals and web 2.0 shares our links provide you with the greatest ranking boost possible! 

Latest Official Update Announcement (January 2019!!)

  • All new even more powerful PBNs added for 2019!
  • more link diversity then ever
  • You have even more customization control and options
  • Photos and videos are now mixed into the articles for stronger more natural articles
  • Diversify links with options of H1, in the text, photo, and video links
  • option to now have links mixed in to authority sites such as Wikipedia for even stronger, more diversified articles that link to multiple relevant sites including yours
  • option to have articles verified 100% unique with CopyScape


update (9/1/18)

  • All backlinks now come with a 500+ word article and can be upgraded to 1,000+ words. (Used to be all backlinks only came with a 300-500 word article)
  • Updates and additions to the network are always being rolled out and tested in our Facebook group:  - be the first to know about future updates
  • Vastly improved the quality and presentation of the articles. Articles read even more naturally now.
  • an update log will soon be available
  • A package preview is now available, the link is in the description below
  • New PBNs have been added throughout the network.
  • Improved backlink report

Each backlink includes:

– custom anchor text
500+ word article (used to be 300-500)
– web 2.0 shares
– social signals
– backlink report

Professional PBNs

Our PBNs are kept extremly secure and private with low out bound link (OBL) counts. Footprints are minimized by using unique hosts, themes, and WhoIS information with A/B/C class IPs for each PBN. All posts are hand spun and original by a native English speaking author. NO automated software or bots are ever used. *These are unique articles written for each client and not just spun content take from other websites used over and over again.*

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All orders come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We firmly believe in happy long term, repeat clients and not one time satisfied customers.

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