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About This Service

Ready for all the keywords you need for P1 With Simple To Follow Instructions On How To Use Them? 

You are about to get

- P1 keywords with

- easy to follow instructions that

- save you time


Links are easy to come by. You can buy them anywhere. But finding the right keywords is tricky.

Your site lives or dies by the words that are on it (or not on it)


Fire every ranking rocket you desire at a site............. without the right words, it will not budge.

But send a few social signals at a site with the correct use of keywords and watch it rise and rise!


8 Services sold so far with all 5-star reviews  🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

100% on-time delivery


You will receive

------ the keywords you should seek out






------ the words you need to mention in your content to rank for the keyword of your choice ✔️ 

------- the number of times you should mention each word ✔️ 



The data is from analyzing the top 10 sites that rank for your keyword




------The information you receive is easy to understand


------You can take action straight away!



Keyword research takes ages. Link Building does too. Finding leads is even harder.


Why not remove one of these time taking requirements right now!




I know what it is like. Having great ideas, finding the keywords and picking the ones with the best volume.


Next, you break them down. Which keywords have the most intent?


Which phases does the search query match with?



When you ask content writers to create a piece you send the keyword.


The new changes are made yet you are still stuck on page 2.


Serenity Now! 🤢


Placing the keyword does not cut it.


A $10 dollar article will not have the words you need.


This service solves that problem.


---- No more mysteries


-----No more unknowns.


---- Just every single word you need to mention





If you order NEEDLE MOVERS you will also receive a free Website Audit Report From Sitebulb

This site costs   for a single license.

Don't worry though, you get a report FREE.


People are asking me how they can work through this audit.

The link here is a full guide of what you can do with the information.