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About This Service

Are you tired of hiring content writers for your SEO article that produce crappy, unreadable, spun content?

Are you tired of having to rewrite or edit an article you paid for, so you can get a "green" score in Yoast SEO plugins readability scale?

If so, you've come to the right place!

Being an SEO myself, I got sick and tired of having to rewrite articles due to readability issues or Yoast issues.  So, I decided to start a gig where I will research and write your website content for you and test it with the Yoast SEO plugin before I deliver the article.  I will make sure the article passes Yoast's readability scale before I send it to you!  All you must do is cut and paste and your content for your site is complete!

Content is becoming king in SEO 2018 and the trend will continue in this fashion.  Google is placing more emphasis on the quality of articles on your website more now than ever before.  Unfortunately, a 300-word spun article simply won't cut it anymore.  Ideally you want a minimum of 500 words, or even 1000+ words if possible!


  • These are hand-written by me and don't contain any spun content!
  • Article will be 100% unique, no plagiarizing
  • Will guarantee a Yoast Green Score on their readability scale!  The Green score on their SEO scale is up to you!
  • Will only offer rewrites to first handful of customers if they are not satisfied.  Afterwards, rewrites will not be given as they take too much time!  Remember, I’m physically writing these articles myself!
  • Turnaround time is 3 days or less but may change depending on order volume
  • Articles written in English only
  • Bulk orders available upon request, contact me to discuss details!


Lastly, I cannot guarantee that there won’t be some “suggestions” or “problems” according to the Yoast plugin when the article is complete.  However, I will guarantee a “green” rating!