About This Service


They might get a bad name from some of the “gurus”, but web 2.0 profile links are still one of my go-to SEO strategies for building link diversity and branding a new website.


They might not pass a lot of power, but I have even managed to rank low competition keywords strictly on profile links. The real use, though, is to get Google to recognize your brand and to pave the way for more powerful links.


Why Use My Profile Links?


Profile links aren’t rocket science, but there are a few things that you need to do right if you’re going to get the best bang for your buck and avoid anything that looks too unnatural.


My profile links keep your off-page SEO looking natural with these necessary ingredients:

  • Realistic ratio of do-follow and no-follow links

  • Premium captcha solving

  • Mix of branded and plain url links


What You Get


When you order, we will create 75 web 2.0 accounts for you, build a profile backlink from each to your site, and provide you with a full report of login credentials. The accounts are 100% yours to build out as you please.


Diversify Your Links Now


Don’t sling power links at your money site without diversifying the anchor text first. This service provides a natural mix of do-follow and no-follow links to keep your backlink profile as clean as possible. This is a necessary step if you want your PBNs, guest posts, and more to pack the biggest punch they can.


Order now and pave the way for rankings.




Due to requests I am adding a short guide on how best to use my services along with others to boost your rankings.

Step 1: Optimize your site. I can not stress to you how important this is.

Step 2: Start your foundation links.  Use branded and plain url links in these. https://www.legiit.com/service/details/204

STEP 3: Add profile links. These should still be branded and plain urls at this point. https://www.legiit.com/service/details/209

Steps 4 through 7: should be repeated til you get the rankings you are looking for. Then just used for maintaining your rankings. These will get you ranked to the top of the results. But, they will not do it overnight. 

Step 4: Social signals. Can't stress enough the different reasons these are important in 2018 https://www.legiit.com/service/details/119

Step 5: Web 2.0 backlinks https://www.legiit.com/service/details/426

Step 6: Tiered Links. These are tiered web 2.0 links going to you site. https://www.legiit.com/service/details/425

Step 7: DAS A domain authority stack. To boost your page and domain authority. https://www.legiit.com/service/details/205

You can mix and match steps 4 through 7 with any of my other gigs as well from the Tumblr posts to the PBN links.

You can find all of my gigs on the following link. https://www.legiit.com/service/viewservices/32

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.