About This Service

You are going to fall in love with this and never do SEO the same again.

When I started in SEO I found there were so many tedious steps involved. A friend and I made a joke that if something took more than a minute to do we would make it take 5 seconds. Fast forward a few years and we have essentially built a database of SEO Lifehacks that we are continually expanding. This is done using 'Shortcut Manager' a plugin no longer available. Thankfully I have a backed up version of it that I will provide. This is a simple plugin that allows you to map javascripts to un-used keyboard combinations.

This is a 2 step installation. I provide the plugin, you install it, then paste the text file to import the custom shortcuts.

For just $1 (limited intro price - I am planning on raising this once the demand gets high enough) you will get:

Shortcut Function
alt + 1 Display the Google cache of the page you are on. (useful for seeing if a change is indexed. Recent Google algorithm reduced number of cached results)
alt + 2 Run the current URL in wayback machine (useful for audits or checking how a site once looked)
alt + 3 Audit current domain in SEMrush
Alt + 4 Run current domain through siteliner
Alt + a Open Google Analytics
Alt+ t Open Google Tag Manager
alt + s Go to the search console for active domain. If you do not have it you will be prompted to add it
alt + r Run the current url through fetch as google (you just need to click submit)
alt + q Run Search Console report for queries going to current URL
alt + z  Run a site: search
alt + x Run a site: search (useful for seeing if changes or a page is indexed)
alt + f Run the active domain through page speed insights (a gtmetrix version will be released later)
alt + b Run current domain through builtwith
alt + n Run current site through structured data testing tool
alt + h Run current site through whoishostingthis

Additional ones that will be released later (DLC)

  1. Run site through GtMetrix instead of page speed insights
  2. Audit site though ahrefs, majestic or moz vs semrush
  3. aaaaand my personal favourite Scripts I will consider releasing if this takes off:

The fortnightly button (for the super time sensitive). You feed a bunch of variables to the script and it will let you go to a clients site and at the press of a button open:

Your clients Analytics account set to: aquisition -> overview -> Organic -> Last 14 days vs 14 prior.

Google search console for your clients domain

Google My business insights report for your clients map listing


That way if a client calls me asking how things are going I can give an answer that only takes as long as visiting their domain. I NEVER navigate through search console or analtyics to find my accounts, just to fetch a measly URL.

The only downside?




My Canonical Romance is Here to be Your SEO sidekick

Step 1:

Get the SEO Lifehack Chrome Plugin - Only needs to be done once.

Step 2- Do the following for each client

Get Site tracking + conversion (click & form) tracking with Goals in Analytics

Get Schema and Aggregate Rating to make stars appear in your search results

Step 3: Favourite this service to save money on inflated extras (Rather than pay $3-8 to get links or citations indexed)

Step 4-8: If you do Ecommerce.

Get ALL your product meta descriptions automated and audit proof (no long or duplicate descriptions). It will not make you rank, but it will increase CTR and show your client you aren't messing around

Step 5: Rank Parade- Let me take the stress out of your ecommerce campaign with my category ranking content + backlink + site recommendations.

Step 6: Rank/Powerup/Maintain Your Ecommerce Home Page

Step 7: Rank/Powerup/Maintain Your Ecommerce Categories

Step 8: Rank/Powerup/Maintain Your Ecommerce Sub-Categories