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About This Service

You will never enter any successful corporate law office without being flashed with an interior that shows that they really care about their branding and how they like to present themselves! The same goes for a youtube video you find in your news-feed or SERPS.

Do not let this be you! Do not let your graphic profile lose you any views no more! This applies both if you already have a wide array of Youtube videos up already or if you are planning to branch out your business on this awesome platform!

A good featured image is the biggest contributing factor to give the impression of both quality and trustworthiness as the first thing the human eye is designed to notice is any graphic images.

I can give you:
- An original and unique Youtube Thumbnail according to your own preferences
- Accompanied by a text design that will fit your brandings graphic design and niche
- Customized according to your vision but can also get free hands according to my take on your service

What I Need:
- Instructions on what it is you are looking for
- Any existing designs that you like that you want me to use as an inspiration
- All the text that you want me to include in the thumbnail (Note that it's a lot better to try to get your message across with as few words as possible!)
- Any existing logo of your brand you want me to include

What I won't do:
- Any designs or services that are in violation of Youtube's terms and condition
- Any design or services that are inappropriate
- Any designs that are clearly outside of my scope of expertize 

Note: One order can ONLY regard one (1) type of branding, tied to your own single service. The premium and standard offers can only have images tied to one (1) brand/Youtube account

I cannot send you my .psd file of your work. You will receive it in either/both .jpeg or in .png