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About This Service

I will give you 50 Premium High Metrics Expired Tumblrs PA 50+ TF 1-10+ RD 200+

Special time limited offer:
I am just starting this premium expired Tumblr service and I need to test the water before I decide on definitive offers and prices. This is not a scarcity tactic, the price you are getting is an introductory price and I will raise it as soon as demand justifies it. So grab those while they are so affordable! I also offer a 24h turnover which I may or may not offer in the future when demand increases.

This is a unique opportunity for you to grab high metrics premium expired Tumblr blogs to skyrocket your rankings for even the more competitive keywords. No one offers such a combination of high metrics at such a competitive price. Don't just take my word for it, take a look for yourself. Grab it while it lasts, this is a new Gig and I will raise prices when my offer becomes more established.

We all know Tumblr blogs won't rank you number one on Google for "Yachts" on their own. However those premium expired Tumblr blogs will do so much more than just help you rank low competition keywords, especially if you combine them with a well diversified SEO campaign.

Unlike other sellers, I don't just rely on Moz Page Authority to find those gems. I combine different metrics such as Moz PAMajestic TFMajestic Referring Domains (and other important ones I don't disclose here), a combination which in my opinion gives a more reliable basis to assess the value of an expired Tumblr and how well/how fast it will push you to the top of Google for your desired keywords.

So what are you getting?
You will receive 20/30/50 premium expired Tumblr blogs with PA 50+, TF 1-10+ and at least 200 Referring Domains. Tumblr blogs with high metrics and low referring domains may seem attractive but if you lose some of their precious links over time, they won't be doing much for your business anymore. The Tumblr's I provide come with hundreds, sometimes thousands of referring domains and backlinks so you can be assured your web 2.0's will not lose their high metrics overnight like other sellers' might.

Do I register the blogs for you?
No I don't. I currently work alone and my time is better spent finding the very best premium expired Tumblr's for you rather than registering them myself. I will be more than happy to give you advice on how to register them without leaving any footprints. However if you register the blogs ASAP and some are not available anymore, I will replace them for you free of charge. Just don't waste time as a lot more marketers are after those high metrics Tumblr's and they go fast!

Why should you use my service?
Take a look at what the competition offers anywhere else and you will know. I provide Tumblr blogs with numbers that actually matter, a combination of metrics that don't just look good on paper but actually deliver results. I also check the blogs' backlinks and past content manually to make sure they have not been spammed or used for questionable content before. Those are clean, high metrics Tumblr's that will give your website a great boost if you use them right, instead of penalizing it like others will. 

Also, know that I work just as hard for your blogs as I do for my own. I started this service because I only use the very best premium expired Tumblr's for my money sites, and I was left with hundreds of blogs just as good I didn't have the time or need to register. So now, I can make some extra cash knowing I provide you with the very best instead of letting those gems go to your competitors.

Custom orders:  

As I said earlier, I am just starting this high metrics Tumblr service and need to test the water with different offers and prices. If you need to place a custom order for different metrics or number of blogs, let me know! I will create a custom addon for you and make sure you get what you pay for and much more.

Also, I may consider selling pre-registered expired Tumblr's in the future, each with a dedicated IP, Tumblr and Email account. Let me know if this is what you need and I might come up with a honest offer.


I want to insist on the fact that you need to register those blogs ASAP once I send you the report. Remember those are high quality, high metrics expired Tumblr blogs a lot of people are after. I may be the only one selling them, but I am far from being the only one who is after them. Most marketers just prefer to keep them for themselves and sell the lower metrics ones / the ones that only have PA.

Also if you order a bigger batch, let me know if you need me to send the Tumblr's in smaller batches so you have time to register them before they are taken.

Refund Policy: 

1/ It is important you try and register those Tumblr's ASAP once you receive them so someone else does not do it before you have a chance to. Again, all the blogs will be free to register when you receive the report and it is up to you to register them on time. But I will happily replace any Tumblr that may have been registered by someone else shortly after I send your report.

2/ I will provide a full refund if I fail to deliver the service.