About This Service


CORA: the only SEO software that analyses 520 proven ranking factors for first 100 search results of your niche in Google.

With this gig, you get a SEO Audit with a list of easily actionable tips
No bullsh**! Only based on the analysis of the ranking websites of your niche ! 

Here is how CORA Software works:
- We enter your keyword, URL, language, targeted country
- CORA runs and scrapes 520 factors on each 100 URLs of Google SERP for your keywords
- CORA audits, analyses and creates an average for each factor
- CORA compares your page with the average
- CORA calculates the deficit
- CORA provides you a SEO Roadmap of things to tune on your page to reach the quality level of the best websites in your niche.

-> then you just need to implement the actionable on-page tips for a better ranking.

Cora give you tons of data to fix your OnPage and helps you compete with those already ranking on the first page for the keywords you want to rank for. 

Once the report processed, you will get an Excel sheet with your personalised SEO roadmapthis is the list of things to do on your page to rank #1 on the keywords. 
Many more tabs in the report : global overview of all your competitors ranking factors, comparative charts, LSI keyword analysis...

reports based on 1 url/link per gig ordered.

This service is for 1 URL and up to 3 keywords per order. 
For example, if your URL is domain.com/drycleaningparis/, you can order a report for 3 keywords for that URL. 
Examples of keywords : dry cleaning in Paris, dry cleaning paris, best dry cleaning in Paris.

IMPORTANT: If you're already ranking in the SERP (in top 100), then I need only your root domain. If you're NOT ranking in the TOP 100, I need your exact URL.