About This Service

I'll do keyword research for you and find you keywords that are valuable to go after in your niche.


Each report will come with:

  • a list of keywords (no set number because of different niches, but will be as many as I can find that are worth it)
  • The $ value (CPC) of each keyword.
  • Volume of each keyword
  • I will also provide two rating systems in which value the keywords I found:
    • 1st rating system is on difficulty.
    • 2nd rating system is on value.


Report will be delievered in an excel sheet for you.



What I need from you:

  • For Google or YouTube
  • Niche
  • Sub-niche (example keywords or what your are wanting to target)
  • If it's for Local SEO then let me know the location.


*For example if your Niche was automotive. There's a TON of different things. I need a more specific target AKA sub-niche. Examples of a sub-niche of automotive would be:

  • Car Dealers (people trying to buy a car)
  • Repair shops (basic repairs, oil changes, suspensions work, etc)
  • Transmissions (people trying to buy transmissions, transmission repairs, etc)
  • Chevy Camaros (people who like chevy camaros, people who want to buy chevy camaros, people looking for chevy camaro parts and upgrades, etc)
  • Trucks (people who like lifted trucks, people who like lowered trucks)