About This Service

This service is to help you rank your Amazon product in Google's search engine. A lot of people looking for your product are searching Google for it first before ever searching for it in Amazon so we want to help you get it ranked in Google.

Bonus Offer: Each order will receive a custom product video that will also be ranked in Google & YouTube. So that's 3 rankings for your Amazon product for the price of 1!

What This Service Includes:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • YouTube Product Video
  • YouTube Product Video Ranking Package!


The Ranking Process:

Competitor Analysis: If someone ranks above you, it means he has done something better than you. Thus, I will analyze your top competitor and will tell you some points in a report what we will do to make the SEO efforts better than your competitor.

Keyword Research Report: I will deliver a report of all the keywords I find are valuable for your product. With that being said, we will only go after 1 keyword with this specific gig. (More keywords might rank as well as a result). I just want you to know what else you can go after as well to help you with your rankings and sales.

On-Page SEO Report: I list your amazon product's current status and all things that can be improved. I will give you a detailed description on what you will need to change in your Amazon Product details. You literally only need to copy paste the information.

Off-Page SEO: After the above are listed we will begin to link to your product. This includes a special formula of Social Signals, Web 2.0s, and PBN Links. *Note: You will not receive a report of these links because we want to keep our Private Networks safe for everyone who orders this service.

YouTube Product Video: I will create a flashy product slideshow video for your product and rank it into Google using my Full YouTube Video Ranking Package that is another gig of mine. For more information on my full video ranking gig https://legiit.com/service/details/717





>>>>>Please understand that rankings are not guaranteed since I do not actually own and control Google nor Amazon. I do my best to use proven tactics to help rank your products in Google but there is no possible way for me to guarantee it to work. By purchasing this gig you understand this and there will be absolutely no refunds once the work has started. Thanks!<<<<<



Example Product Video: