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Are you looking for expertise in sales, marketing or business development? Perhaps you need help penetrating and expanding business in North and Latin America. I can help you develop and execute a business development strategy. I am a seasoned sales & marketing executive that has been in the top 5% of sales performers for the last twenty years. A marketing achiever that has developed, designed and successfully executed nearly a thousand demand generation marketing campaigns, resulting in hundreds of millions in revenue and billions in pipeline for several of the largest technology companies in the world. With expertise and a wealth of experience that stems from years of extensive work with over 50 technology clients and has worked extensively with over 5000 small & medium businesses and start-ups. I am a Canadian who currently works out of two highly productive remote offices in Toronto, Canada as well as in Cancun, Mexico. Every customer is unique in their needs and challenges. My successes can be attributed to the growth of knowledge I gained from both my clients and the great teams I have led. I find myself in constant competition with who I was just yesterday, as I constantly strive to achieve better results for my clients. As a disciplined team player, I know too well how critical communication and leadership skills are to achieving goals and objectives. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can help your organization’s growth and answer any questions you might have. The following is just a short list of the areas that I can help you with. 1. I can help can you determine your ideal target accounts and buyer persona 2. I can help build an effective tactical business development and Go-to-Market strategy 3. I can help source the best 3rd party list sources 4. I can help assemble the business intelligence on the market and target accounts 5. I can design, build and execute the lead generation campaigns 6. I can design, build and execute the Account-based marketing and sales process 7. I can forge rapport and business relationships with key target partners, prospects and alliances 8. I can both help establish and maintain business relationships on your behalf 9. I can help with the negotiations and contract implementations 10. I can develop the call guides and sales enablement materials 11. I can lead and train others on the strategy and process 12. I can develop effective promotional videos, animations and digital ads 13. I can executive LinkedIn Marketing campaigns to grow your brand and connections Key Accomplishments in my career of 20 years. ? Consistently made top 5% of sales performers for the last 20 years ? Executed nearly a thousand large-scale demand generation marketing campaigns ? Generated $100s Millions in new revenue and $ Billions in active validated pipeline for several clients ? Generated over $50 Million in highly profitable revenues for employer ? Each campaign met or exceed goals, generating higher returns than other competing approved vendors ? Example $600K investment resulted in $142M revenue & $800M+ active validated pipeline ? Developed DNA Demand Generation™ Account Based Marketing process ? Developed DNA Weighted Revenue Attribution System to enable uncontested claims to revenue ? Implemented closed-loop system for largest technology alliance involving over 3000 channels ? Closed-loop system eliminated channel conflict and provided timely revenue reports. ? Developed, trained & mentored a global team of highly successful sales and marketing professionals Let’s talk about your needs, challenges and goals. I look forward to exploring how I can help you achieve your business goals. Regards, Sam
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April 25th, 2019
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