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About This Service

PBN Links

>>> Read Full Description And Disclaimers Below Before Purchasing <<<

The base service is for ONE link

You will be given a screenshot of the link in the post and nothing else. Don't buy the service if you aren't ok with that. Also make sure you read this entire sales page before purchasing.

Click Here For An Example Of What You Will Get. Don't Complain Afterwards If This Isn't Ok With You.


What You Get


  • Your post put on one of my TF (trust flow) 15-25+ PBNs.
  • These PBNs have a strong focus on being as footprint free as possible.
  • Permanent Homepage Link
  • No more than 30 posts per PBN




  • Are these expired or auction domains: We use a mix of both
  • Do we have to provide the article?: No. I provide a unique, hand written 500+word article
  • Can we include a video to embed?: Yes. On the checkout page leave a URL to your video
  • Can We Have More Than One Link Per Post?: No. One Link Per Post. I will include an authority link and image.
  • What Languages Do You Accept?: Any language is fine… but if it isn't in English you need to provide the article in HTML format and I will paste it in.


Please Read Before Ordering:


  • What you will be purchasing is having me put one of your posts on a TF 15-25 PBN
  • Please do not ask me to choose the anchor for you, or give you advice on the post. This gig is specifically for you to have a post put on one of my PBNs, therefore I'll link to your site exactly as you tell me.
  • Blog Are Setup As Generic Blogs that cover a wide variety of topics
  • In order to keep the network as secure as possible you will NOT receive the URL your post is on. This ensures no one is trying to poach anyone else's keywords and helps to keep your $ site(s) a secret from prying eyes. Since you know prior to ordering that I always stick to my word, you don't need to worry about your post actually getting posted but once again, you will not get a URL to view it, you will get a screenshot as demonstrated above.
  • We do not accept Casino/Gambling, Gaming, Pharma, Adult, or anything illegal. We also reserve the right to reject any link for any reason without explanation.
  • If you want to link to the same site more than 10 times, you are required to get prior approval first.
  • We are confident in our process and use 100% best practices with our PBNs to keep them from being found, creating footprints, or being penalized. However sometimes things do happen. If we ever lose a site for any reason we will replace your link(s) at no charge.



While we are confident in our process and have gotten result after result for our clients we do not own Google. We can never be sure what will or won't work and are not responsible for any change up or down, or lack of change in your rankings. You accept that you are paying for a process and not a ranking, and will leave feedback in accordance with that.


Please note that there are no refunds provided for any reason once the sale is made so be sure that you know what you want before placing your order and ask any questions you have before you order. This policy is 100% firm so please do not ask.