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Apr 27th, 2019

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Hi there, Schieler here from Viictory Media! I will cut straight to the point since I know everyone here is marketed to and from by thousands of companies annually across the globe, including my own firm. As a 10 year veteran in search engine optimization and the owner of Viictory Media, me and my team guarantee to always exude a level of excellence as it pertains to your booked gigs with us. If we are unable to provide that guarantee, we will not take the gig. Because we work with billion dollar companies like Uber and Postmates, we have a standard to uphold - one that if we can, we will pass on to you until you are Victorious. Areas we excel and are passionate in: - On Page SEO & Site Structure - KW Research - Competitor & Funnel Analysis - Copy / Content Writing - GMB Optimization - Manual Backlink Outreach
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April 27th, 2019
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