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About This Service

Image (SEO) Optimization GEO Tag and Upload to High Authority Picture Sharing Sites

Geo tagging your images is a very powerful local SEO tactic.

Mix the geo tagged pictures with high authority sites with full that's something to get excited about! Your competition will not know what hit them.

POW! Let's be real here, who has the time to do all of that besides this guy (me)?

I will give you a nice looking, organized spreadsheet once the job is completed:) so you can check my work of course and log back into your brand new, high authority, geo-tagged images, full optimized profiles.

On to the nitty gritty...

For the High Authority Sites: You may already have an account with some of these sites, if so, and you want to use it for this gig then I will need your log in credentials. If you don't have an account, and many of these you probably won't, then I will create a new one for you.

What You Get


Depending on the package of course, but you will get....

1. Photos / Images geo tagged and fully optimized (how many depends on the package you order)

2. High authority account creation

3. Upload of all photos to these accounts

4. Full optimization of these accounts

5. Organized spreadsheet to log back in


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do we have to provide the photos / images? You don't have to. If you have specific photos you want to use, great. If not, no big deal. I will use pixabay and create some myself. I will never steal an image that has copyright.

How will you save my photos / images? I will use LSI keywords. If you don't know what that is google it.

What are these high authority sites you speak of? Sites like photobucket, flickr, 500px, etc.

What if I already have profiles for these sites? I will need your log in credentials.