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β›“ A Private & Powerful PBN Link that NEVER Leaves the HomePage


Join Our Premium Network! Then... Sit Back and Watch Your Rankings Soar!


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These General PBNs are 100% owned by me. They are the exact ones that I use to rank a boat load of my affiliate & local lead gen sites like this city SEO site. I can't tell you the HUGE difference between being on the middle of page one, to the #1 Maps & Organic position... I get warm fuzzy leads every week now and have a traffic value of over $7k.

Fast & Safe Rankings for Your Money Site with...

  • TF (Trust Flow) 15-25+ PBNs
  • Footprint Free
  • PERMANENT Homepage Link (Stay on homepage FOREVER)
  • Only 30 Links on Each Blog
  • No Spun Content
  • Fully Built Sites


Please Read Before Ordering


You will only get a screen shot of the anchor text from my private blog(s)

I will not provide the URL of my blog(s)

No Refunds

You Choose the Anchor Text, Not me

If you are sending more than 10 links to one site at a time, You will need approval before I fulfill that order


If you are OK with the rules, then...

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Are these Auction or Expired Domains? All Auction Domains

Who Writes the Content? I will write a 500+ unique hand written article

Can we include a video in our post? Yes, just leave the video URL at the checkout page

Can we use more than one link per post? No, one link per post. I'll always link out to an authority site

Are these Niche Specific? No, these are set up as General Blogs

How many PBNs Do You Own? Right now, I have 25 PBNs

What if one of Your Sites Gets De-Indexed? These sites are set up in a way that look like real sites. However, if in the even that it does happen, we will replace the link for free

What sites do you Not Accept? Casino/Gambling, Gaming, Pharma, Adult, or anything illegal. We also reserve the right to reject any link for any reason without explanation.


Here's What I Discovered Over the Years...


It took a long time to figure out what was a good PBN and what wasn't.

What worked, and what didn't. Long term results, vs short term results. Good hosting companies, vs horrible ones. Permanent home page posts, vs roll off posts...

You get the picture... and I found the EXACT recipe for a successful PBN Network.


What you will receive:


Trust Flow 15-25+ Permanent Homepage Post directly from my personal PBN Network that I use for my Money Sites.

Content included. All manual writing and 100% Unique content from our PBN writing service

Real Auctioned domains that keep their domain age.

If I think there are too many posts on a particular site, I'll just buy another auctioned domain so this service rules over other PBN sellers! Max 30 links per blog.

  • No Footprints
  • Professional Service
  • Friendly
  • Prompt Delivery - Your order is the MOST IMPORTANT order, right here, right now!


What you Won't receive:


The URL of any of my PBN's - I have spent too much time, effort, and money into making this network to what it is today that I will never send you the URL.

You WILL get a screen shot of the anchor text, and that's it. So, don't ask me about the link after the order is complete.

If you're not ok with that, I am sorry to say, but go somewhere else to buy your PBN's.

For my clients, myself and the amazing world of Legiit users... I will not jeopardize my Astonishing PBN Empire.

The RESULTS will speak for themselves.


That is what sets us apart from the rest.



Ready to Join Al's Network and Start Destroying the Ranks?


The Only Way It Won't Work is...

if You Don't Take Action Now! Sieze the Moment, Go ahead and click that Order Button below!!

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