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About This Service

Al's SEO Presents...

This is the real deal Web 2.0 Creation Service with REAL content and proper set up!

Web 2.0 Creation and Building For Local SEO


Build Your Tier 1 Links with RELEVANCE!


What You are Getting with my Service:

You're going to receive high quality written content that makes sense and is well written. I will put my content up against anyone! (check out our writing services here: I will also research your specific business and create the content accordingly.

I don't use spun content, this is all written by our lead content writer, Tami.

- I use a different IP every time

- If you already have these sites built, but need content, all I need are the log in credentials

- I will manually create and build a web 2.0 (free sites). For example: Wordpress

- Content creation and 4 pages with interlinking, includes relevant pictures

- link back to your money site (if you want it)

- Your business NAP to help with Map Rankings (if you want it)


What I need from you:


1. Website/URL

2. Business NAP

3. Pages/Keywords (Up to 4)



If you need foundational links, I have the link to that below.

The best service to buy your foundational links are from this service:

After You Order my Service, I HIGHLY recommend you power up your web 2.0's with this service: