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There's a simple process I stick to when doing on page optimization. This is right from my blog:

Al's 5 Rules for On Page SEO Success


And.. the video that goes along with it:

Al's 5 Rules of On Page YouTube Video


You can also check out this video series on how to rank for anything and see how I do my on-page SEO visually:

General On Page SEO Video


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Well, maybe you're a business owner and you're just not sure how on-page optimization is supposed to be done the right way...


I used to have a hard time figuring out what worked and what didn't.


After many years of working at it (until I was blue in the face) I figured out it's all about trial and error...


but... who has that kind of time to test and make it all come together beautifully?


Which is why I created this service... I wanted to be able to:


A) Provide a "white label" option for SEO Agencies. You know, so they can come to me and save time..


All the on-page is done correctly and in a timely fashion...




B) Provide a done-for-you ON PAGE SEO service for local business owners who also don't have the time, and maybe aren't aware of how to do it correctly (It's not easy getting it right)


Q: So, Al... How exactly does this work?


A: It's pretty simple... you provide me the keywords you're trying to rank for, I'll do the necessary research, and I'll do all the onpage SEO.


Q: Do you need content?


A: If You Need Content, just order from our World Class content writing service... it's super easy and a great price!


We're well respected in the Legiit community, and we offer a world class content writing service that will help your website rank AND convert.



You can find that here:



Just sit back and relax.



Focus on your business, save time, and allow me to Work my on page SEO magic the way it’s suppose to be done!




Q: Hey Al, can you do On-Page SEO for platforms other than WordPress?

A: I sure can!

Q: Question for ya Al.... what other CMS are you familiar with besides WordPress?

A: That's a great question! I've done work on so many different platforms. To me they are all the same (once you figure out how to navigate of course).

Take a look at the list and see if yours is on here. And, if it isn't, just message me, Al!

-WordPress (my favorite)





-godaddy site builder


Q: Yo, Al, How do I know what type of work you did on my site?

A: I provide a full, detailed report on all improvements / fixes / changes


Q: Pardon me Al, Do you provide all the content?

A: Sorry, that's a separate service. However, we do provide a world class writing service right here on legiit. Tami handles the content and she's helped rank and convert many websites!


Q: Al, What if I already have content on the page I'm looking to Optimize?

A: If you, or your client allows for changes, I will make the necessary changes. I will always ask before I touch anything (I know how delicate things can be)


Q: How many times do you put my keywords on a certain page?

A: It all depends on how much content you have on there. There's 2 things I live by.... Never Over-Optimize and ... DWGD (its an OMG thing)


Q: Hey Al, do you research my top competitors?

A: Hell yes! That's part of my secret sauce, but I can't tell you everything that goes into my special On-Page Magic! Great question though ;)


Please Message me for a custom proposal!



Check out this video, from Al himself, to find out exactly what I do for On Page and to rank for anything!


Thanks, and I hope to see you on the inside!