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πŸ”Š Relevance is EVERYTHING???




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Stuck on Page 2???


Yep, been there before...


You want to know what I’ve found to be the common theme?


You need Relevancy to rank in 2019, especially Local SEO


Do you think having relevancy in content is enough?


You can choose to believe what you want....


here’s what I’ve found to be the most important places of relevancy:

Relevance / Keywords in:

1. Domain

2. URL

3. Title


... and guess what?

these areas of placing your keywords are the most difficult to manipulate, wouldn’t you say?


I mean, when you get a PBN link here on legiit, how many times is your keyword in the Domain name?


You know what’s easy?

creating relevant content on non relevant PBNs.

Does that make your link relevant in the eyes of Google?


Anybody can create relevant content, so think about that when anyone tells you relevant content is all you need.


Hopefully this information gets you to think πŸ€” 


Honestly, the less people know about this the better for all of us who do know.



For everyone out there that Knows the Power behind relevancy...

This one’s for You!


What separates us from the other Great Sellers (and there are some really good ones):

Professional Customer Service

Strong Knowledge


Results Oriented

Attention to Detail

Our Care and Committment to Serving and Helping Others!


We’re here for you!

Want to see what Relevance can do?

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