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About This Service

πŸ”Š Get 1 (or more) Super Charged Relevant PBN Link(s)


Most of these PBNs are getting Traffic and have over 40 Referring Domains


They are Super Private, Super Powerful and what Google is looking for... Relevance


What this Service is All About:

Think of this service as like a Guest Post outreach. Some of these PBN's I own, others, I will outreach to my private network / pro SEOs that I've developed strong relationships with. These sources of mine are not on legiit, or any other SEO marketplace. These are as private as they come. When I outreach, I charge a 10% fee for going out spending my time to find you a relevant link and my time to write the content... this process will ultimately boost your site like you've never seen before.

With that said πŸ‘‰ Please contact me before your purchase to see if we have your niche. πŸ‘ˆ

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These relevant PBNs have helped me rank a bunch of my affiliate and lead gen sites in the Map Pack and Organic listings.... such as this one... might I add that the leads coming in for my city SEO site are like liquid HOT Magma... no more cold calling for this guy!

What You are Paying for:

  • Your link on a highly relevant domain that is indexed & passes the penalty check
  • 500 words of unique content (no spun content allowed)
  • My time... creating the PBN Content, posting to the PBN (expertise), messaging back and forth, etc.
  • I will give you the URL
  • I can show you one sample (may not be your niche)


No Guarantees:

While we strongly believe using this service will help boost your rankings, we can't bend Google to its will... yet.... just kidding :)

No Refunds / No Edits:

There are no refunds and no edits once the post is made. Please know what you are purchasing and why you are purchasing before you go ahead and do it. This isn't to scare you, but to eliminate all the nonsense.

What Exactly is Relevance in Relation to PBNs / backlinks?

This is something a lot of us have a hard time grasping, but its pretty simple... let me explain...

The more similar / relevant niche links pointing to your site, the more relevant it will be. The cool thing is, we can point links to your site with not only niche relevant, but keyword relevant as well.

Where does the relevance count the most?

Based on our research, testing and findings:

1. Domain (

2. URL (

3. Title ( - Home Improvement News)


Metrics at a Glance:

  • Trust Flow 10-30+
  • Reffering Domains: Average of 40 or more... some less, some more
  • OBL: Anywhere between 5-10 (Super Private)


Are You Finally Ready to Get the Boost of a Lifetime?


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