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About This Service

This is for PBN content Only

READ THIS BEFORE YOU ORDER. Your life depends on it... just kidding.. or am I???


What to Expect:

  • Do not expect this to be my highest quality of writing like my other Writing Services
  • This is what I do for content on my PBNs
  • You give me the topic, I write the content. Nothing more.
  • Super fast TAT (turn around time)
  • I do minimum research, most information comes off the top of my head.
  • I will not spend lots of time on this. No revisions.
  • It will be 100% Unique and pass smallseotools plagarism checker (that's what I use) it will pass copyscape too... who even uses that anymore?
  • It won't be that great of quality, but its better than spun content for your sites.
  • Don't complain afterwards for getting a shitty piece of content... it's actually not even that bad :)
  • Sometimes I have fun with these articles and add some odd humor
  • I dont even know what else to write anymore
  • just know that this if for PBN content only
  • I'm probably scaring you away from buying this service haha
  • On a positive note - There will be no grammatical errors


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