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About This Service

Get a ready-made Amazon Affiliate Site & start earning money quicker.


Have you tried building your own Amazon affiliate site? It takes time to:

  • Install Wordpress
  • Add the right Theme
  • Install Plugins
  • Write Content
  • Design a Logo

It takes at least 30 minutes to install the right theme and plugins on your WordPress site. If you do not know a good designer, it will take you longer to find a beautiful logo. Then imagine the time needed to write content. 

I have been through all of this when I set-up my own Amazon Affiliate sites. Now I have a team ready that I can tap into when needed. I learned affiliate marketing the hard way. Now I want to share my experience with you.

I will deliver a completely ready amazon affiliate site for you.  

What will you get?

  • A niche & domain name suggestion - Keyword research helps you find the most profitable niche. If you do not have a niche in mind, I will help you
  • 5-6 unique (1000 words) articles - These articles will be written so that they help you convert your site visitors to buy from Amazon
  • On-page SEO optimization - This will help you rank faster in Google & other search engines
  • A good logo and free images - Images attract your visitors
  • All essential plugins & pages setup - Including your privacy policy page
  • A PREMIUM WordPress theme - Many sites ignore the Wordpress theme, but the right theme is very important to help your earn higher rankings in search engines
  • If you order the Diamond or Platinum service, you will also receive a Press Release Written & Distributed for you.
    • The Premium Press Release guarantees inclusion in Google News.

Key Benefits to You:

1. You save time. You can spend that time performing additional keyword research, building a social media presence or just sipping coffee.

2. You save money:

  • A Premium Theme will cost you at least $60
  • A logo will cost you at least $25
  • 6000 words of converting content will cost you at least $150
  • Premium plugins cost at least $50

Place Your Order Now! 

What do I need from you? - 

1. Your Niche. If you do not have any, let me know and we can discuss the best Niche for you.

2. Your Wordpress admin login details after you have installed the Wordpress on your web host

Note: Keep your Amazon Affiliate membership details ready. I do not need them, but you will need to utilize them to replace my id with yours once the site is live.