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About This Service

Have a great product on Shopify but don't have the time to create a video for your Facebook Ad?


 If you give me 32.5 seconds, I'll explain how you can get a great video for your Facebook Page Post Ad.

Step 1. Copy the URL of your product from your store or supplier website (e.g. Aliexpress)
Step 2. Select my Standard or Premium service, and paste the URL in the requirements section
Step 3. Sit back, relax, watch some YouTube while I extract the images & some suitable text, pull it all together and create a 20-40 second slideshow video of your product
Step 4. Download your video and use it for your Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Product Page.

My videos look a lot better than the Facebook generated slideshows - this will result in longer view times and therefore better custom audiences for your advertising. See the example video:

If you already have reasonable resolution images of your product (at least 3 images and at least 800 px - ideally 1200+ px) and have some text you want to use in the video, the Basic package is for you. 

If you want me to pull the images and text from a website, then Standard is the package you want. It also means you get images to use on your store page.

If you know a bit about ecommerce SEO and want some extra media to use for content on various Web 2.0 sites, then Premium is the way to go.

If you want to include your store logo or other graphic in the video, add the extra. It can be a standard image or an animated video (you can get one of those here: )

I will ask for the following once you place the order:

1. Image files and text (if you chose the basic package) or URL of the product (for standard and premium)

2. Square format (ideal for Facebook and other social) or 16:9 (ideal for YouTube, Vimeo etc)

3. Type of music - electronica, instrumental etc. Or let me choose.

4. Logo (if you included the extra)

Whilst I will endeavour to make a video that is suitable for use in Facebook Advertising, I cannot be responsible if Facebook decides not to approve your ad. There are so many variables and the T&Cs change so often that I can't guarantee it will be approved. However, I will contact you if I think the product images or text are not suitable before doing the work.