About This Service

You've heard this video marketing thing is a big deal.

But you aren't sure your client would be happy with an animation or explainer video.

You have read about the services that rank videos quickly but don't have a clue what video to use.


This was me last year.

I was trying to find ways to get local businesses to pay attention to me.

I wanted to pay it forward, demonstrate expertise and accelerate their trust in me.

Video seemed the obvious choice - I knew how to rank them quickly and had access to tools and services to help.

But I couldn't quite get an animation or explainer video to be compelling enough for business owners to take notice.

These videos worked great for proof of expertise and 'your company here' campaigns. But they didn't seem professional enough for my clients and prospects.

It was so frustrating. I could see what I had to do but couldn't find the right solution.

Then I saw a video by a real estate agent. It was basically a slide-show video but had a professional finish and included testimonials about the agent at the end.


This gave me an idea.


What if I made slideshow videos based on high-quality stock images and video, with client specific content where possible?

The first video I made sucked. The client said "the music is cheesy, the people in the background are creepy and the video lacks any pace"

Several weeks and many hours later, I finally found a format that seemed to work. I tested it on companies in different niches and everyone loved their video.

This is now one of my go-to methods for opening the door at a prospective client.


And I want to make it available to you.


Company Intro Videos

Whether you are looking to create a video for an existing client or make a Superstar Offer, this is the best way to get a professional company intro video made.

You could spend hours researching technology, hundreds of dollars on tools, weeks learning how the tools work and then months trying different formats.

Or you could place an order here and get the video back within a few days. The tiny investment for the video means you can easily turn a profit.

Charge your prospect $50 as a door-opener or $200 for an existing client. The choice is yours. Either way, you make money.


So, what are you waiting for? Hit Proceed to Order and let me know:

  • Website URL
  • Up to 8 sentences to be presented in the video (max 80 chars each)
  • Up to 3 quotes from reviews (it is best to use real quotes here)
  • Up to 8 custom images to include (minimum size 1920x1080px)
  • Company logo (larger the better)
  • Type of music (if you have any preference)

I will then use the website to theme the video, your inputs to build the slides and a group of hobbits to hand-craft the finished video.

All while you sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea...or coffee. Maybe a beer. It's up to you.

PS. I may not have access to actual hobbits
PPS. The video will be similar to the one attached above. If you don't like that, then best not to order the service :-)