About This Service

This Service is to publish your content on my Men's Lifestyle Website based in the UK and USA. This is a genuine website with readers. 
This website is authentic with engagement and is a an actual Men's Lifestyle and Fashion blog. All articles will be indexed by google and will be permanent., disclosure is optional.

What don't you accept?
Gambling, Dating, Pharmaceuticals, Weight Loss, Adult 

SEO Metrics
Website Age: 9 Years. Not an expired website. 
Views: 15,000 per month. 
4000 Social Real Media Followers: (Twitter 2k, Facebook 1.4, Instagram)
Majestic Trust Flow: 35
Majestic Citation Flow:40
Domain Authority:26
Spam Score: 0

What Article Requirements Do you Have?
Please ensure it is written in perfect English, your article will get readers. 

The price is on you creating the content and sending it across, I will proof-read any article to ensure it works.
This is a lower price than I charge leading brands and companies as I want to increase my selling profile. 
I will aim to get any article published the same day. 

Happy to answer your questions including giving you the Domain Name.