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About This Service

Every legitimate website out there has Reddit links, if not you're doing something wrong. Not many websites have the quality, powerful ANCHOR BASED, CONTEXTUAL links I offer you. Get yourself some of these and take your first step towards outperforming your competition in search. 

Let's begin by looking at some ranking gains from these links (Please note that I do not promise rankings, just a great link)

If you're here looking for high-quality backlinks, you do not need a sales pitch, you're just going to want to know what you receive. This is the entire process outlined for you:

1. Select and send me your anchor texts that point to a relevant content-rich page on your website. Any page that truly provides value of some kind is a pre-requisite. I do not use 100's of profiles. I use one high Karma, aged (2 years) profile and therefore, every comment with a link that I add to a thread results in the link being a do-follow link. Your anchor must be child-friendly. Contact me before placing an order if you're not sure. Also, make sure that the anchor can be used in a sentence. It's a high-quality service, for high-quality websites only. Period. Please note: Naked URL anchors will not be accepted unless it's a special case where you have a legitimate brand name domain with very very helpful content. 

2. Once you place your order, I search Reddit for relevant posts where your anchor would be a good fit. I find the most recent discussion. If none exist, I will create a new post and discussion (it's very rare that you have a topic that has no previous discussion on Reddit). 

3. After finding the perfect post and ensuring that the post is already indexed in Google, I read through the discussion to get a feel of the direction the discussion is going and write up a perfectly written, comment to add to the discussion with the inclusion of your contextual link. I make sure that the new link and comment follows all the guidelines of the subreddit the discussion belongs to.

4. Once my aged, high karma account has placed the link, I double check that the link is do-follow and send you an update with the order details. 

Google takes up to 2 - 3 weeks to re-index Reddit threads that are not fairly active. I, therefore, suggest you order some PBN links to point to the Reddit thread I provide you. This will speed up the re-index and at the same time further increase the page authority from a default of around 52 in most cases to something a lot higher. With a Domain Authority of 98 and the fact that we begin with a PA of 52, I would try to boost it so that it reaches at least a PA of 60, higher the better. With the right PBN links, just a few will get you this elevated boost.

At the end of the day treat this link as you would any outreached blog post because this is just like that: a well-written context-relevant, contextual link. The only difference is that you could test spamming this Reddit page with lower quality links that you would not use on guest posts thanks to Reddits link diversity. 

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