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About This Service

Good bye Facebook ads and Google ads, for not at least. 

My team and I developed a solution for boosting enagement, generating social signals to boost your Google ranking and overall visibility of your business online. 

We create posts based on sought after information in your niche, these posts are then created and a link to a page on your site or a call to action is added. 

As you know, once you post content on Facebook or twitter about 10 - 15% of your audience sees that post. To increase that number you have to post more often, but who has time for that when you should be focusing on doing your job? 

Our service does all that for you and best of all, no need to pay for Faceook Ads. Our solution is clean, safe and non-spammy. It significantly boosts the visibility of your content when people do a seach for the products and services your business specializes in - all you have to do is attend to the enquiries. 

We post your content every hour on over 10 popular platforms, includding reddit and twitter,  and this has seen us achieve amazing results over the last few months. Some changes are actually visible within 24 hours and some can take a week. Please see attached images of progress made in a very competive niche over a short period. 

Let us make social media work for you while you do your job.