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Sandy Springs GA, US
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Apr 7th, 2019

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I am an seasoned Crystal Reports developer with experience in a variety of business and database environments. I have developed financial and transactional/invoicing reports, operations and resource utilization reports, KPI and customer-facing reports, forms and letters, calendar and time-based reports and dashboard reports. I have worked for companies in television production, debit cards, VoIP, education, government and law enforcement, accounting and payroll, insurance and retirement investing. My work history and focus on understanding the business allows me to quickly become productive in any information environment. I have developed reports that involve hundreds of formulas collecting metrics from disconnected data sources and displaying summary tables, reports made up entirely of a string of sub-reports, reports designed specifically to export cleanly to Microsoft Excel and CSV files for export and reports designed to print on pre-printed forms. I have used conditional formatting to enable reports to change based on data-driven criteria, global variables to pass data into and out of sub-reports, dynamic parameters to control the data source, and complex in-report table linking when scripting access to the database was not possible. I have worked with a variety of SQL data sources, including views, stored procedures, dynamic stored procedures, views, recursive CTE expressions, functions, defined and parameter variables, sub-queries for data selection and data filtering, expressions for conditional data selection, and expressions for data conversion and analysis. I have developed data sources that utilize unions to combine multiple variations of like data sets as well as data sources that combine multiple unrelated data sets. I have designed custom databases to store massive quantities of data specifically to serve as data sources for reports. I am available immediately for projects in the metro Atlanta area or remote opportunities with some travel.
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April 7th, 2019
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