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Boost your wordpress speed load to the maximum level, gain unique features by hosting your Wordpress in your own premium cloud SSD server such as Linode or DigitalOcean, and help save your money on shared hosting that host hundreds of accounts in the same server with you!


The process is initialized with a completely fresh cloud server and you stand to gain the following services and optimizations should you decide to work with me:

A- Your Server comes with:

  • Modern and stable ssd server based on the latest release of CentOS7 64bit.
    SSD: SSDs have lower access time, less latency, and IOPS up to 100x more than normal drives. 
    CentOS7: It’s based on Red Hat enterprise and more stable and secure than othe linux distributions since CentOS has less frequent updates.
  • Hardening your server.
    Hardening is the process of enhancing server security through a variety of means which results in a much more secure server operating environment such as disabling direct root logins, changing the server port from the default to non-standard, one and locking accounts after too many login failures.
  • Securing your server by installing CSF firewall plus email alerts when someone log into your server.
    CSF is a suite of scripts which provide firewall security with Stateful Packet Inspection and Login Intrusion detection.
  • The latest release of Nginx web server (configured files).
    Nginx is identified as the most efficient and light-weight web server today. When compared to other web servers, Nginx supports more traffic concurrently and also it has the minimum memory usage.
  • Fast, Powerful, and Secure DNS through CloudFlare that offers you:
    1. Faster than normal DNS.
    2. Unmetered mitigation against DDOS attacks.
    3. Free shared SSL certificate.
  • SSL setup HTTP/2 if you have a valid paid SSL certificate or I will install free SSL via CloudFlare or Let’s Encrypt.
  • The latest MariaDB release installation 10.2.X.
    1. Lighter than mySQL.
    2. Better performance than mySQL.
    3. More storage engines.
    4. More cutting edge features.
  • The Latest PHP version 7.2.X. (PHP-FPM).
    PHP-FPM made our test website almost 350% faster when it comes to loading times. Plus, it made the site twice as resource efficient as it was with mod php.
  • Installation of ZendOpcache, Memchache and Redis.
    ZendOpcache: Provides faster PHP execution through opcode caching and optimization.
    Memchache: Free & open source with high-performance.
    Redis: Redis, an open source, in-memory, high-performance database supports a variety of different data structures.
  • I will setup email accounts @yourdomainname.com using Zoho mail service (Free), Google Apps(Paid) or Amazon SES (Paid).
  • Secured FTP account to help you upload your files.


B- Your Wordpress comes with:

  • The latest version of Wordpress with automatic updates.
  • One theme installation.
  • Authentication password for wp-login.php.
  • Five Wordpress plugins that will optimize your website page speed and enhance SEO.


+Fast Answered Questions+
1-Why experts prefer Nginx over Apache ?
Nginx is a free open source and well known for its high performance, stability, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. It has over the years become so popular and its usage on the Internet is heading for greater heights. It is now the web server of choice among experienced system administrators or web masters of top sites.

2-What are the well-knows websites that use nginx as their web server?
The official website of Wordpress itself is based on Nginx, Cloudflare, Soundcloud, and much more…etc

3-I don’t have a Wordpress and I prefer this package over my shared hosting, can you help setup it up for me?
Yes, it can be installed for any kind of websites.

4-Do you work on already installed (existing) server?
No I setup this package only in a new fresh cloud ssd servers.

5-Where can you buy your cheap cloud ssd server?
It can be obtained from many cloud servers providers but I recommend one of these top providers Linode or Digital Ocean.

6-Does this setup come with a control panel - cPanel-?
No, there isn’t any CP to add or remove websites because all of it are installed through ssh access and writing linux commands, however, we can add any number of websites you need.

7-What will happen if I wanted you to check my server and install the updates?
I offer all my clients FREE three month’s service monitoring but after the end of your free period, you can add the monthly package and I will check your server 3 times per month to ensure that you are always running the latest stable version of softwares.

8-Do you offer Wordpress migration?
Yes, in additional fees, I can migrate your Wordpress from the old host provider to your new cloud SSD server.

Each setup comes with FREE 2 months of monitoring for updates to all software as 
well as an initial walk through of best practices for securing your 

Please contact me before ordering!