About This Service

A certified mail integration professional and experienced in solving mail setup and delivery issues.

In this gig I will offer you any G suit/Gmail related task not limited to the following:

  1. Your G suit account Domain verification
  2. Configure DNS records for G suit (MX, TXT, CNAME, A)
  3. Add and manage your new mailboxes
  4. Set up secondary and domain aliases
  5. Change primary and secondary domain
  6. Seamless email accounts migration into your new host
  7. Google Drive Data Migration
  8. Contacts migration and transfer
  9. Setup Outlook Sync, POP and SMTP server configurations
  10. Connect your webmail address to your own Gmail
  11. Setup Team Drives, Group addresses and Policies
  12. Configure Google Vault settings.
  13. Setup and Update Calendar
  14. Create Google Forms
  15. Organize your Mailbox
  16. G suit admin Account Recovery
  17. Apps Integration ( Mail chimp,Active Campaign,SendBlaster,SendinBlue)
  18. Improve mail deliverability  and ensure No mails goes to Spam. (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)


Why choose my service:

I guarantee
#100% security of your information
#100% customer satisfaction

Why choose me?

#Knowledgeable & efficient
#Fast and Affordable
#Trustworthy and Reliable